Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Debut Photoshoot

Photographer Emma Trim noted, "This shoot was essential to Plastic as a brand because it really displays the laid back lifestyle of California...advertising for a company with such a broad target audience is always a tedious endeavor. For most shoots you can plan it's entirety beforehand because you know what audience you are targeting, therefore tailoring the advertisement. But with Plastic the plan was nonexistent, the direction of the shoot was simply living life and capturing the essential moments."

Pseudo models Kevin Patrick O'neill, Nick
Rawitsch, and Cameron Picardi enjoyed a
day just hanging out in Eagle Rock, Ca while
sporting the latest Plastic L.A. gear.

Plastic L.A.

Welcome to Los Angeles, California, the land of used German cars, Blackberrys, and five-figure credit card debt. The land where life seems so sumptuous, that every person indulges without apprehension in the decadence of designer clothing, bottle service, and every other luxury one could desire. Although the media portrays this lifestyle as ubiquitous the truth is that most people can’t afford to pay their rent. It’s funny how desperate the people in the city of angels are to look rich. They save up paychecks to buy a three hundred dollar plain tee with a designer logo on it. The truth is you can pay for the appearance of wealth but you can’t buy class.

Plastic was created as a manifestation of realization. It’s a satirical take on the L.A. lifestyle. There is a stigma that everyone in Hollywood is a pretentious, haughty socialite with a cavalier disregard to anyone who is not in his or her best interest. We want to make everyone, both in and out of Los Angeles, realize that the Hollywood lifestyle is superficial. We hope to accomplish this by utilizing our clothing as a medium of measure. Buyers are people who are aware of the superficial lifestyle in Hollywood, and may even at times take part in the debauchery, but all while maintaining their humility. Yes the L.A. lifestyle is fun, and everyone does enjoy the debauchery and lascivious activities that go along with it, but at the end of the day we should all be able to sit back and laugh at it.

The name was chosen for the sole purpose of irony. The goal for our clothing is to create unique apparel that blends character and simplicity with a worldly elegance. The inspiration for this company comes from our desire to dispel the belief that spending excessive amounts of money on poorly designed clothing displays a discerning taste resulted from wealth. As we always say here at Plastic, “You can pay for college but you can’t buy class.”
Plastic is creating a new style that we call “Shitty-Chic” not to be confused with “Shabby Chic”. “Shitty-Chic” can be described as an eclectic style worn by people who are aware of the many different styles of the world. It consists mainly of Euro-trash avant-garde, California attitude, and Rude boy desire for impeccability. Wearers are conscious of past, current, and future trends, and combine them immaculately into a unique look that can be worn on most occasions; from daywear at the beach, to nightwear in a club. We are selling a look that invokes attitude, class, humility, and style.
Plastic is a purveyor not only of clothing but a lifestyle. We want people to enjoy every aspect life has to offer, from enjoying the luxuries of the world (to living the simple life. We say, “ Do what you want, fuck it, live fast never look back no one lives forever.” Enjoy the superficial but don’t forget that it is just that! Through our self-aware playfulness, we hope to change the reputation of Hollywood one shitty-chic shirt at a time. Although L.A. may be too crazy for some we will never stop enjoying life, whether it’s hanging out at the beach or partying it up at a club, we do what we love. So until then live it up, drink it down, laugh it off, and remember you can’t spell plastic without L.A.